Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Chill Day

Love 'em. Worked from 6:30-11:15am so I had the whole day to just chill on the porch with my friends and am now spending the evening watching movies with the roomies.

I started a new blog on this account where I discuss films I like, hate or just want to discuss. I find myself always wanting to talk about films but since I usually only watch them before I crash or others have never seem them it usually falls on deaf ears.

So here I am with an update! I was going to start a third blog to discuss life - but why no just continue on this one? I debated starting a new one if only because this blog was mainly for the contest with the university, but I started it a bit before that and have continued it a bit since.

So what's new?! I'm graduating in June! Convocation is on June 9th and then I'll be starting a new chapter in my life. I have an interview this week for a teaching job in Japan, around the area I used to live. Strangely I'm not too excited about it. I think I want to just take a year off and relax, but the thrill of another adventure is tempting as well. Not to mention the payroll.

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